Super Bowl Treats and Traditions

January 28th, 2014 | Posted by Spice Grove Designs in Recipes | Spice Grove Designs

A little well known fact about me……I LOVE football! Not just watching it because my Hubby or family like it – but fantasy playing, Sunday afternoon watching, ‘good luck shirt wearing’ LOVE it!! I love the fact that it brings me back to my childhood of rooting for a team with my Dad. I love that it means being a fan until the end – win or lose. I love that it’s a common interest for me and my better half. I love teaching our girls about competition and getting to show them how to win and lose.

Wedding Broncos

Even got my Broncos involved on our Wedding Day, much to the amusement of my Cowboys fan Hubby!! In my defense I did get him a Cowboys pillow for a Wedding Day present!

Watching the Super Bowl has always been exciting for me (except that I’m sad that the season is about done!) and this year is no exception, especially since my beloved Denver Broncos are playing!! Since I was born in Denver and grew up in Colorado, it’s pretty much a requirement put on your birth certificate that you will be a fan. (I’m kidding about that part!) But I’ve loved watching them through the ‘Orange Crush’ Defense years, the Elway years and now the Manning era. So many memories! Along with those memories are the ones of the fun parties that we’ve had with friends and family over the years. Yummy food, lots of cheering and general fun!

One treat that has been on the list of my ‘must-haves’ for any football party are my Pumpkin Football’s. Delicious football shaped treats of pumpkin and chocolate they are always gobbled up by hungry Dads, Moms and little ones!

Delicious pumpkin footballs

Delicious pumpkin footballs

These easy to make treats make up fast and are gone just as quickly! I recently had the privilege to share them with Brenda over at STRUCTUREbags where you can find the recipe for these delicious game time desserts. (or a quick breakfast because, let’s be honest, they have pumpkin in them so they’re healthy, right!?!) Head over and find the complete recipe here, along with more about these fantastic little desserts! 

pumpkin footballs

Click here for recipe!

Let me know if you try this recipe. It’s a fun one to make with your little ones too! For those of you who watch the game, have a wonderful and safe time! (For those who don’t enjoy football as much – just enjoy the fact that the season is almost over! hee-hee)

Blessings to you friends,
(and GO BRONCOS!!) :)

A Lifelong Broncos Fan

The best Christmas Present from my Hubby ever!!

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