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I first met Jennifer at Studio JRU through Etsy and then Artfire and through her wonderful blog at the time! She always struck me as having a deep faith that not only defined her life but her artwork too! I’m so thankful to call her my friend. She probably doesn’t know this, but her blog and newsletter were the inspiration for me to start sharing the Spice Grove Designs story with you through this blog. Her words are so humble and real that you can’t help but feel like she’s giving you a hug every time you talk to her.
Her artwork at Studio JRU is just as real and life changing! Her love for people and the Lord shines through every brush stroke and media that she uses! Her work with (in)courage is encouraging and uplifting. The amazing colors she puts together remind me of Nature and our Creator!! I’m always inspired by all of the auctions she’s donating to on Facebook, or people who she’s praying for diligently.
I recently became the proud owner of 2 of her beautiful and inspiring works of art. One is for our living room and reminds me of the daily blessing of grace. The other I bought as an anniversary gift for my Hubby to remind both of us of just how amazing our love story is through Christ’s eyes. What an inspiration Jennifer is and I hope that she will lift your heart today as she shares her story! Make sure you catch her amazing coupon that she is offering to our Spice Grove Designs readers today!!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your artwork.

My name is Jennifer. I am married to my amazing husband, Heydon. We live out in the country in Nebraska. We love the peace and quiet and being surrounded by God’s beauty. I am a mixed media artist. I am inspired by scripture in much of my art. I hope to encourage and inspire people with my work. My shop is filled with mixed media originals, prints of my originals as well as graphic prints.

'I hold you in my heart'

‘I hold you in my heart’

What makes your work different from other artwork?

I hope that people are able to see Christ through me and my work. I do it for His greater glory. I hope that is what sets my work apart.

What brings you joy/encouragement in your life and in creating your art?

Serving Him brings me joy. I see creating as a way of worshiping Him and reflecting Him back to the world. Bringing encouragement to others brings me joy. When someone reaches out to me with an email or a comment on social media, to share how they have been encouraged or helped… those moments make the work worth it. In those moments I know they are seeing Him in their lives. That encourages me.

'Bless The Lord O My Soul'

‘Bless The Lord O My Soul’

If you had to choose just one of your products as your favorite you’ve created/made, which one would it be?

What a great question… a hard question! I love making crosses. I don’t have any in my shop at the moment, but earlier this year I made one that I just loved from the moment I started with it. Abide. It was full of layers and texture. Layers peeking through other layers. A reflection of our lives. Of how so many things, good and bad, make up who we are and through it all we abide in Him.

Abide Cross

Abide Cross

What does a day in your studio look like?

I first check my email and go through my social media sites to make posts and updates. If I have orders for prints, I will print those out. It really varies from there. Depending on how I am feeling or if something specific needs to be done first. Some days I work more on the computer with editing photos, making listings and creating graphic prints. Some days I work in my studio on new originals. Designing them and actually getting into the paint and having fun! I also have days that I work on putting orders together for shipping and taking them to the post office. Those are also the days I do my paperwork.

Where can our readers find you?

Make sure to follow Jennifer and StudioJRU on social media as she is as fun as she is inspirational!!
You can find her here: Artfire 
shopinstagramFacebookgoogle+pinterest, and the newsletter where I share new work and special sales!

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and inspire us with your life and Art Jennifer! You are such a blessing! She has generously offered to give Spice Grove Designs readers a HUGE discount!! So take advantage of this 20% off coupon good for ANYTHING in her shop!! Hurry over, take a look at StudioJRU and use ‘spice20‘ for 20% off your order!

*All opinions expressed in this post are mine. I was not compensated for this review.*

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Art For Happy People

I met Miss Rakhee from Art For Happy People on Facebook and was instantly charmed with her big heart for others as well as her beautiful, dream-like paintings! I’m reminded of what a small world it really is when I get to chat with my amazing friend halfway around the world. Although someday Rakhee, we will share a coffee, tea and chocolate in person!! I currently have one of her paintings, ‘Go Back To Sleep‘, hanging in my studio. I like to imagine having coffee with all my wonderful friends I haven’t met in person yet! As she shared her story with me, I was so inspired at just how much she loves people and truly seeks to help them out and make a difference! She has challenged me to do more to give back and just to love on people! I truly admire the adventure that she is on with her life and I’m so blessed to call her a dear friend!!

Her vision truly shines through her art and it’s so exciting to catch glimpses of how her work comes together! Her little wooden hand painted dolls are truly treasures!! (Don’t tell my girls, but I know what will be in their stockings this Christmas!!) I’m so excited that in addition to her original paintings she now offers everything from prints, to greeting cards to phone cases displaying her art!! Make sure to check out her little doll Christmas ornaments which are beyond cute! Rakhee has generously offered to giveaway a wonderful collection of 3 of her beautiful greeting cards (your choice) along with free shipping! ($10.50 value plus free shipping!) So make sure to enter the GIVEAWAY below her story!

Tell us about yourself and your Art.

My name is Rakhee Krishna. I am born and raised in India and later moved to The Netherlands. I have a masters degree in philosophy and religion and I try to combine my love for art and philosophy by making Art For Happy People. Art For Happy People is a journey towards finding and sharing peace and happiness. I welcome you to come along with me on this journey.
My shop is filled with happy people and art that will make you happy! I also make custom-made dolls, non-toxic dolls for children and wooden bookmarks. You can also find greeting cards, book marks and calendars made of my art and also nursery decor.

Anne Frank Doll

Anne Frank Doll

What makes your work different from other artwork?

I am self-taught and I am inspired by what I feel and how I feel. I make what I feel in my heart. And that makes my art unique. I try to tell a story; a philosophy every time I create and the best thing I like about my work is that everything is possible. My art is colourful (depending on my mood), unique, meaningful, positively mysterious and philosophical.

There must be an angel

There must be an angel

What brings you joy/encouragement in your life and/or in creating your artwork?

The process of creating something which can possibly bring a smile on someone’s face or inspire someone in some way or make them think truly makes me feel humble. My work is philosophy presented in an artistic way. I believe in the power of a smile, so if you are smiling while looking at my work, I am happy!

If you had to choose just one of your works as your favorite, which would it be?

The Dream catcher

She has carefully mended all her broken dreams into hearts, what if she can do that for you too? Imagine if she can learn you to mend your broken dreams?

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher

What does a day in your studio look like?

A day in my home studio looks like a musical where a mom and her 2.5 year old son plays the main role.There is a lot of painting happening along with making lego towers,reading, singing, dancing , making funny faces, building train rails, drinking tea and eating cake and chocolates.

Where can our readers find you?

You can find me here:

For prints or my paintings:

Like me on Facebook :

Yes, I have a blog too :

Thank you so much for sharing your heart, soul and artwork with us Rakhee! You are truly a treasure! Make sure and enter to win an amazing Art For Happy People collection of 3 greeting cards below! Rakhee has also made a special discount code for 10% anything in her Etsy shop just for my awesome readers! Use ‘FREQUENTBUYERS’ at checkout to 10% off your entire order!!

Your choice of three cards from 'Art For Happy People'

Your choice of three cards from ‘Art For Happy People’

Blessings to you friends,

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