Looking for some easy and sweet Valentine gifts that are super sweet and inexpensive? We have some wonderful ones that won’t take you any time at all and will be wonderful memories to cherish for years to come! Come on in!

Handprint Memories

Memories of little hands

Memories of little hands

This first gift is wonderful for your children or loved one to create an instant memory that they’ll treasure for years to come. To make the first one pictured above you only need the following items.

Heavy cardstock – at least 60 weight
Regular paper
Frame (if desired) I used a recycled one I found at Goodwill.

Step 1-
Trace your kid(s) or loved ones hand print on regular paper and cut out.

Step 2-
Trace the hand print(s) onto your felt and cut out. You can use any color(s) you want. I thought the pink and purple were sweet for our two girls.

Close-up of stitching and text

Close-up of stitching and text

Step 3-
Figure out what design you’d like to create on your heavy cardstock. I wanted to emphasize the difference in size in our little ones hands while showing the love between them so I overlapped them and cut out the heart. (I suppose you could trace the heart and make it perfect but I’m more of a ‘fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants’ sewing gal so I just did it by sight.) Make sure you leave room for any wording or script that you want to add to your design.

Step 4-
Pick out a color of thread that either complements or contrasts with your felt. Start sewing a basic running stitch around the edge of your cut out hands. It may get a bit tricky as you don’t want the paper to bend, but if I can do this then so can you!

Step 5-
After the hand prints are sewn on decide where and what you want to say. Very lightly write the words or phrase you want in the design on the paper. (If you are more talented than me you can probably just sew the words on without tracing!)

Closeup of signature and stitching

Closeup of signature by my little one and stitching

Step 6-
Now just sew over the writing using the back-stitch until you have sewn over the wording. I used a french knot for the dot on the ‘i’.  So sweet!  Just insert into frame and you are done!!

For an even sweeter gift, have your little ones write the word or phrase on the card stock for a lasting memory of their adorable hand writing.  We did this idea for Daddy for Christmas and it was a big hit!  I love that the kids can help write and sew if they would like to!

Gift for Daddy with the girls' writing and hand prints!

Gift for Daddy with the girls’ writing and hand prints!

Other EASY and cute DIY Valentine gifts!

Last Valentine’s Day I made all of the below for our girls and my family and they loved them.  Some of the ideas I got off of Pinterest and some I just made up.  Hope you enjoy!

Valentine gifts handmade

Some of the sweet gifts I made for my loved ones last year.

1. Date Jar
Supplies needed:
Mason/Ball Jar
Wide Kraft Sticks
Permanent Marker
Remnant Material

A wonderful way to show your loved one how much you value your time with them. Easy to make and really gets your creative juices flowing! Instructions can be found here!

2. 30 things I love about you jar!
Supplies needed:
Mason/Ball Jar
30 Narrow Popsicle sticks or kraft sticks
Paint (if desired)
Permanent Marker
Remnant Material

I was inspired to make this one after doing the first one above for my hubby. This smaller one I made for my eldest daughter. I labeled 30 sticks with things that I love and appreciate about her. That way she could read one each day of the month. I haven’t pulled it out in a while, but I’m sure it would be fun to look at again. After I made the sticks I simply cut out a circle of fabric out with pinking shears and hand sewed a heart to the fabric at the top of the lid. I then added a ribbon to add some ‘girly’ charm to the gift. (she loved this!) I attached a small heart-shaped note explaining what the jar was to the ribbon with a piece of thread.

3. Knit stuffed hearts
I made these little hearts for my girls with some leftover yarn I had lying around. For my eldest I made them into little hanging hearts so she could hang them on her door. For the little one I just made them soft and squishy with no hangers on them. She loves to carry them around even now!  I just kind of made up the pattern, but here is an easy pattern if you would like to try them out!

4. 52 things I love about you!
I love this idea from Pinterest!! The directions are no longer linked to this pin but here’s the link so you can see the picture! You are basically gluing things you love about your loved one that you’ve written or typed to a pack of playing cards. So sweet and such a fun exercise to list all of the things you love about your significant other!  The photo shows the cards tied with ribbon, but I simply used an O ring to connect the cards.

5. Poem with children’s footprints
I first found this beautiful poem on Pinterest as a free printable but the link no longer works so I’m just linking the Pinterest pin for you! You can easily type out this poem yourself and just add the painted footprints to it afterwards. What a wonderful way to tell Dad that you love him than with the little feet that love to climb all over him!

I hope that you have enjoyed these handmade gift ideas for friends and family! Thanks for stopping by and please let me know if you try any of the ideas! I’d love to see pictures!

Blessings to you friends,
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