Our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

I just love this time of year! The wonder of our girls as we unpack our Advent Calendar and Nativity is precious! Chasing my 20 month old around to try to get Baby Jesus back so she doesn’t hide Him somewhere I’ll never find Him is hilarious! I love the cooler weather and the comfy clothes. The yummy treats and family time are such a blessing! Basically, I love everything about Christmas – what is means and what it brings. We don’t do fancy decorations in our Home but try to keep things simple and meaningful. One piece of decor though that I do look forward to bringing out each year is our ‘Charlie Brown’ Christmas tree!

Our Vintage Star

Our Vintage Star

This tree was with my Father years ago when he was stationed in the Philippines with the Air Force. It was sent to him again when he was away in Italy for a year when I was 8. It then traveled to Arizona to be with me in college and then on to Oregon to be with my brother at college. It’s next journey sent it all the way over to Iraq to be with my Husband when he was deployed with the Army. And though it is literally falling apart, it gets more precious to me every year. It serves as a wonderful reminder to our girls that beauty on the outside fades, but a beautiful heart will never age or grow dim.

The trail of 'needles' that our tree leaves behind now!

The trail of ‘needles’ that our tree leaves behind now!

It teaches them about sacrifice and courage as we tell the story of its journeys. They marvel, touching each branch, at how this little tree has traveled more miles than any of us probably will in a lifetime. It tells them of love that can never be dimmed by distance or time. But most of all it shows them that just as this little ‘falling-apart’ messy tree was able to impart joy and hope and comfort in dark time, so too, the Messiah born as a baby in that messy, dirty stable was able to give hope, grace and the ultimate gift of love for all of us……

Yes, this little tree will always hold a special place in my heart. As we spend time together this Christmas, we wish you and your loved ones a Blessed Christmas and Peaceful New Year.

The Decorated 'Charlie Brown' Tree

The Decorated ‘Charlie Brown’ Tree

Blessings to you and yours friends,

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