When no one is looking……

February 10th, 2014 | Posted by Spice Grove Designs in Healthy Living | Spice Grove Designs

While trying to perfect my latest design for Spice Grove Designs, I found myself in full ‘perfectionist’ mode.

Spiced heart wreath

My newest Spiced Heart Wreath!

The smallest details that no one would notice but me were carefully corrected over and over. Whether it’s the exact shape of a whole star anise pattern that I’m working with or matching shades of coffee beans, I truly strive to put quality forward with every design that I make. It would be simple to just throw an order in a box and call it good, but I want I want to let my customers know that I value them, so the extra time it takes to neatly wrap and package designs is worth it too me. All of this thinking about how I run my business when no one is looking over my shoulder led me to think of something else…….

….my dirty kitchen floors….

Now, I know this seems like a leap, but hang in there with me for a second! :) Obviously it’s über important that I take care of the details in my business whether it’s in a design or customer service, I can’t take shortcuts, even when no one is looking. BUT, how am I when no one is looking with regards to my family and home?

Can I tell you a secret? I’ve been better about keeping a cleaner and less cluttered home this year. BUT I am still horrid at mopping floors….so…..when no one is looking I use my baby wipes to get the worst spills and/or stains off the floor! (pausing for gasps, right?!?) Now I vacuum regularly and clean up spills but a good old-fashioned deep clean on the tile floors doesn’t get done very often. I wonder sometimes if it’s just because no one is looking or for my own sanity with the little ones constantly making a beautiful mess…. Maybe, just maybe, super clean floors every once in a while would let my family know how much I value them!!

Our 100% Recycled Gift Boxes

When no one is looking……

Sometimes the best things in our lives happen when no one is looking. Like the personal goal you set for yourself to live a more healthy life being achieved, or the deadline that you made (barely), or the 5 star dinner you prepared for your family by yourself, alone without crowds chanting your name…. I started to wonder if we downplay these moments all too often. These moments require dedication and faith that what we are doing is worthwhile. They don’t reward with trophies or even acknowledgement but are so very important in development of our character!

How I think and speak about my family when they are not around affects how I relate to them when they are next to me. If my words and thoughts are kind I have a better chance of my actions mirroring that too. In the same way, if I take the time to clean and take care of my home when no one watches (or notices) with a thankful attitude of service then my actions when I’m not alone will more likely be ones of thankfulness for all that others do for me.

I’ve come to the conclusion that in life as in my business it matters, a great deal how I act and think when no one is watching…..

….now to see if this revelation helps with my kitchen floors! Hee-hee!

Blessings to you friends,
especially when no one is looking,

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