Hellebores Headband from Fleuropean

Hellebores Headband from Fleuropean

As you know, we just love Nature and all the beauty found in her here at Spice Grove Designs! Two of the most important things that the business was founded on are sharing the beauty of Nature with others and helping others by giving back! That’s why I was so very excited to meet Emily from Fleuropean!! Not only does she make the most amazingly natural flower arrangements and bouquets, but her heart for others is inspiring! Her graciousness in ‘giving back’ has inspired thousands all over the globe to make others’ lives a bit brighter! Well, I could go on and on……. A big welcome to Emily and Fleuropean!……..(See if you can spot the strawberries, pears and blackberries in her beautiful bouquets!)

Hellebores Buttonhole

Hellebores Buttonhole

1.Please tell us a bit about yourself and your business.

Hi there! My name is Emily. Thanks so much, Charlotte, for the opportunity to share my passion for flowers with you and your followers. How fun!

I’m an ex-pat (originally from California) who uprooted everything shortly after graduating college to move abroad and start a new life with my (now) Dutch husband. About 5 years ago, we bought a rural farm nestled among the rolling hillsides of Belgium. Lucky for me, it came with grassland… some of which I chose to turn into my own little floral paradise.

What started with one flower border quickly grew throughout the years to a decent-sized cutting garden full of roses, dahlias, sweet peas, larkspur, clematis, annuals, and perennials. I enjoy challenging myself each year by trying out new flowers, starting lots of plants from seed, and experimenting with unique varieties. From gardening, a passion for flower arranging and floristry grew. Now, here I am, still working hard in the garden and enjoying using the fruits of my labor in bridal bouquets, birthday bouquets and seasonal arrangements.

2.What makes your business different from other floral shops/gardens?

The thing that makes Fleuropean most unique, I think, is my dedication to remaining personally involved in all aspects of my business. Especially here in Belgium, it’s hard to find a florist who grows their own flowers and strives to create natural-looking, freshly-picked arrangements. Without a little elbow grease, my business wouldn’t be what it is today.

3.What brings you joy/encouragement in your life and in creating your arrangements?

Being able to work in the garden, get my hands dirty, and then see the beauty that nature and I are able to create together… that’s what gives me most pleasure. Working in harmony with Mother Nature gives me never-ending inspiration, encouragement, and joy.

Pear Bouquet

Pear Bouquet

4.Can you tell us more about the lonely bouquets program that you started?

The Lonely Bouquet project grew (literally) straight from my garden. Faced with a surplus of flowers and the dreaded task of deadheading spent blooms, I looked for a way to use the excess flowers in a positive and productive way. After a bit of trial and error, I figured out a fun way to share the fun of flowers with locals… leaving little bouquets of fresh-cut flowers with “take me” tags attached scattered around local villages and cities.

Hoping to get lots of others involved, I created an “International Lonely Bouquet Day” and invited anyone to join in. Before I knew it, there were over 1,000 people all over the world who had signed up to participate. The Lonely Bouquet community has continued to grow since, and we’re already planning our second annual International Lonely Bouquet day for Sunday, June 29th, 2014. Woo-hoo! Maybe some of you guys want to join in as well? :)

5.If you had to choose just one of your arrangements as your favorite you’ve created/made, which one would it be?

Gosh… that’s such a tricky question. I guess my favorite arrangement would be the first of my “fruits and flowers” series, featuring pale pinks and strawberries.

6.What does a day in your garden look like?

Although it varies throughout the seasons, a day in my garden always starts out with a coffee in bed. :)

After I’ve had my fill of coffee and sweets, I head outside to take a peek at what needs to be done. The springtime garden is all about working the soil, spreading compost, starting seeds, and weeding. During the summer and autumn, garden work mostly consists of weeding, deadheading, and flower cutting before heading back inside to condition the flowers and arrange them into bouquets.

7.Where can our readers find you?

Other than my website, I’m most active on facebook. You can also always feel free to shoot me an e-mail at [email protected]. I love hearing from fellow flower lovers and interacting with readers! (Make sure you check out the Lonely Bouquet Project on Facebook too for uplifting stories of flowers worldwide!)

Ombre Bouquet from Fleuropean

Ombre Bouquet from Fleuropean

I am truly blessed to have found such a wonderful friend in Emily and am so happy to be able to share her passion for flowers with you!! Let us know if you will be taking part in International Lonely Bouquet Day or just making someone’s day brighter today! Let’s all make a difference! (And someday, I will have to come have coffee with you and see your garden firsthand Emily!!)

Blessings to you friends,

PS. Make sure to tune in next week for a glimpse at how Emily inspired us to start our own garden!! (Be ready for some recycled beauties!)

Welcome to our Anniversary Celebration!! Thanks to all of your loyalty and trust in our little company, we are celebrating 3 wonderful years of making designs to inspire your home and heart! How we’ve grown and learned over these years and we couldn’t have done it without YOU!!
Thank You!
Thank you so much for not just your purchases, but your honest feedback, your encouragement and your willingness to share us with your friends and family. We are so thankful to have earned your trust and can’t wait to see where the next three years will take us!!

To say thank you for your support we are having a huge giveaway! We throw the party and YOU win! We are giving away almost $100 in prizes so make sure you enter to win below!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Prizes for Anniversary Giveaway

1st prize is Our Golden Flowers of Spring Wreath valued at $60.
Usher in Spring with a luxurious wreath!! Beautify your home for Fall with this is lovely 12″ wreath. A simple circle is wrapped in the softest of yarns and adorned with delicious spices which are hand selected by me. I have designed the spices to look like gorgeous blossoms. The luxurious golden – yellow color of the yarn pairs so beautifully with the burgundy of the rose hips. Each ‘flower’ is made up of 5 rose hips with an allspice and white pepper center. It features a delicious burgundy satin ribbon making it ready to hang right in your home. What a wonderful way to spice up a wall in your home!

2nd prize is our Shabby Chic Cinnamon Picture Frame valued at $20.
Display your treasured photo in this lovely frame! This recycled picture frame is adorned with cinnamon sticks hand-cut by me. Some sticks are wrapped whimsically with a pink and brown ribbon. It is lightly scented of cinnamon and would look great in any room. The brown paper is simply in the frame for decoration. This frame would add a touch of spring or cheer to any room in your home as well as a clean chemical-free scent! A great gift for someone special or for yourself!! This piece is approximately 6.25″ wide X 8″ tall and should hold a 4 X 6 picture. There are 2 hanging options on the back for vertical or horizontal views.

3rd prize is a set of our amazing Star Anise Magnets PLUS a $5 Starbucks gift card, all valued at $15!
For this design I have hand selected whole star anise and attached them to strong magnets. They have a light fragrance. I have not ‘sealed’ or varnished them at all to preserve this fragrance. The set will come in gift box of either pink or teal, and wrapped with a complimentary paper.

The contest will run from Tuesday, March 11, 2014 until Tuesday, March 18th, 2014. I will contact the winners by email after they are chosen on the 18th. 3 people will be chosen, one for each prize.  I wish all of you the best of luck and thank you again for making the last three years so amazing!!

Blessings to you friends,

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