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At Spice Grove Designs we try to remember just how blessed we are and look for ways to pass that on. From the heart of my eldest daughter we have established a Giving Back line where we area able to donate knit headbands and scarves to children around the world.

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I wish I could have shared the joy my little one had on her face as we took a package of finger knit headbands to the post office to mail to a Ronald McDonald House in Canada! She was so thrilled to be able to help other kids out and give them something pretty. I can’t tell you how thankful I am to be able to give my kids a hands on way to show kindness and compassion for others. Locally, for every headband purchased we will donate one to a local children’s hospital. Globally, we have the amazing opportunity in the future to donate more of these headbands to children in India. (More details on this to come!) If you know of an organization that would love to be blessed please contact us and let us know! We also sponsor a child through World Vision, a humanitarian organization. Having worked with them before, we have the ultimate trust that their goal is to help people not only just with finances but by giving them the tools to transform their lives – starting with children. Again, I’m so humbled and thankful to be able to teach my children how very blessed we are and to show them that we are are to share our blessings, big or small, with others. With permission from World Vision, I’d love to introduce the little one that we will be sponsoring! Her name is Nazmin and she is almost 2 and lives in India. She actually has the same birthdate as my youngest (by big sisters request) so our family is so thrilled to be a part of this too! I’ll post updates from Nazmin (with permission of course) over at the Blog as we get them so that you all can enjoy the blessing of changing lives too. world vision, charity, sponsor a child Make sure and check out all the beautiful accessories we have available in our Knitting/Giving Back Section! You can feel good that your are making someone else’s life more beautiful too! Blessings, Charlotte

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