Hello again friends! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by with me today! I’m cheating today and ‘recycling’ an older post of adorable DIY Valentine’s Day gifts that the whole family will love! They are inexpensive, customizable, cute and heartfelt! We actually unpacked ours after our recent move and everyone still enjoyed seeing them and all the love that went into making them.

Valentine gifts handmade

Some of the sweet gifts I made for my loved ones a few years ago.

A few Valentine’s Days ago I made all of the below for our girls and my family and they loved them. Some of the ideas I got off of Pinterest and some I just made up. Hope you enjoy!

1. Date Jar
Supplies needed:
Mason/Ball Jar
Wide Kraft Sticks
Permanent Marker
Remnant Material

A wonderful way to show your loved one how much you value your time with them. Easy to make and really gets your creative juices flowing! Instructions can be found here!

2. 30 things I love about you jar!
Supplies needed:
Mason/Ball Jar
30 Narrow Popsicle sticks or kraft sticks
Paint (if desired)
Permanent Marker
Remnant Material

I was inspired to make this one after doing the first one above for my hubby. This smaller one I made for my eldest daughter. I labeled 30 sticks with things that I love and appreciate about her. That way she could read one each day of the month. Two years later she still smiles quietly when reading these! (and that makes it all worth it!!) After I made the sticks I simply cut out a circle of fabric out with pinking shears and hand sewed a heart to the fabric at the top of the lid. I then added a ribbon to add some ‘girly’ charm to the gift. (she loved this!) I attached a small heart-shaped note explaining what the jar was to the ribbon with a piece of thread.

3. Knit stuffed hearts
I made these little hearts for my girls with some leftover yarn I had lying around. For my eldest I made them into little hanging hearts so she could hang them on her door. For the little one I just made them soft and squishy with no hangers on them. She loves to carry them around even now! I just kind of made up the pattern, but here is an easy pattern if you would like to try them out!

4. 52 things I love about you!
I love this idea from Pinterest!! The directions are no longer linked to this pin but here’s the link so you can see the picture! You are basically gluing things you love about your loved one that you’ve written or typed to a pack of playing cards. So sweet and such a fun exercise to list all of the things you love about your significant other! The photo shows the cards tied with ribbon, but I simply used an O ring to connect the cards.

5. Poem with children’s footprints
I first found this beautiful poem on Pinterest as a free printable but the link no longer works so I’m just linking the Pinterest pin for you! You can easily type out this poem yourself and just add the painted footprints to it afterwards. What a wonderful way to tell Dad that you love him than with the little feet that love to climb all over him!

I hope that you have enjoyed these handmade gift ideas for friends and family! Thanks for stopping by and please let me know if you try any of the ideas! I’d love to see pictures!

Blessings to you friends,


Today I wanted to share an easy and very inexpensive DIY gift you can make for your kids for Christmas! Or use this as an awesome craft to do with your kids this Holiday Season!

The finished spiced Playdough!

The finished spiced Playdough!

I first found this play-dough recipe over at The Modest Mom Blog. She has so many great ideas for DIY crafts! I wanted to ‘spice’ up the play-dough though as presents for our girls this Christmas, so a few tweaks and I ended up with some amazingly fragrant play-dough! It’s great for all the senses. And I made 2 batches so there won’t be any arguing over the sets!! (fingers crossed on that)

Here is what you’ll need.

~Jars – plastic or glass depending on the age of your kiddo’s. I really wanted to use some recycled glass jars I had, but my 2 yr. old still drops a lot of things so we went with plastic ones this year. Here are some I found at Michaels for $6.99 for a 4 pack. With a 40% off coupon they wouldn’t be bad at all!!
~Labels if desired. These FREE printables were also on The Modest Mom’s Blog or get creative and make some of your own!



1 cup of flour
1 cup of water
1/3 cup of salt
2 tsp. cream of tarter
1 Tbsp. canola oil
Food Coloring (I’d love to try this with natural food coloring sometime but I wanted our girls to get to see that so I’ll save that for later!)

Spices for fragrance

Spices for fragrance

1/4-1/2 tsp. of one or more of the following spices, according to how strong you want the fragrance.
orange peel (dehydrated)

1. Put all ingredients in the saucepan. I added my spices and food coloring after I cooked the initial recipe as I wanted different spices/colors for my little jars but if you are making a big batch I would just add the spices and food coloring in at this point too.

Mix all ingredients together.

Mix all ingredients together.

2. Heat at a medium low temperature until the play-dough forms a ball. (roughly about 3 min.) Make sure to stir the ENTIRE time. (This isn’t a ‘walk away’ recipe!! :))

Play-dough formed in a ball at the end of cooking.

Play-dough formed in a ball at the end of cooking.

3. Put the ball on some wax paper to cool for a bit.

Cooling on wax paper

Cooling on wax paper

4. When it’s cool enough knead into a ball (if you already have spices and coloring in it) or divide it into smaller portions for your jars. This recipe made 8 little golf ball size portions for me which fit perfectly into my little jars. If you need some ideas to your creative juices flowing here are some scents and color combos that I did this time!

Divided playdough - ready to scent and color

Divided playdough – ready to scent and color

~red – allspice
~yellow – nutmeg
~green – cloves
~brown – cinnamon
~orange – orange peels and ginger
~pink – unscented
~blue – unscented
~purple – unscented

Have fun and get creative!

Have fun and get creative!

Finished playdough with labels

Sorry about the wrinkles…..I just couldn’t wait to show you all how cute they turned out!! They smoothed out nicely though after they dried!

Have fun and get creative with your spices and colors! Pair the playdough with a couple of cute little cookie cutters for an adorable gift set! I’d love to see pictures if you decide to try this spiced playdough recipe! (By the way it’s really fun to let the kids help with this – I was just making this batch for a Christmas surprise so the girls didn’t get to help with this one!)

I hope you are having a blessed Holiday Season friends!

Welcome to the new blog series titled ‘Use What You Have!’

Use What You Have

I am so excited to share a special collection of all things inspirational for your Heart and Home! This new weekly/bi-weekly series will feature so many wonderful ideas you won’t want to miss a moment! Just some of the ideas I have planned for you are:

~Gorgeous DIY Home Decor Ideas using things you ALREADY have!

~Easy, Healthy Recipes using what is ALREADY in your pantry!

~Inspirational stories and thoughts to uplift your spirit!

~FREE tutorials! (These will make your Holiday parties so special!)

~Amazing guests!

~Festive Holiday ideas and Gift Guides!

~And MORE!!!! (giveaways too!!)

I’m so thankful for all of you and that you took the time to stop by! Do you have a recipe or awesome DIY you’d like to share with us? Just contact us here!! (or leave a comment below)

Have a beautiful day friends!
Blessings to you,




Once in a while you find someone who is just so creative and wonderful you have to get to know them better! I’m so thankful to have Jill from Winterdays in my life! Her humility and honest kindness is rare these days and shines in her work as well as her life! Our shared passion for rustic design and of course coffee has fueled our friendship! Her designs are so unique and inspiring! Where else could you find magical gnome houses alongside gorgeous mosaic work? Whether it is a hand engraved rune stone, a piece of jewelry or a woodcutting you will find something that will speak to your heart in her shop!! I love the fact that every time I visit her shop she teaches me something new about the amazing country of Ireland.

When collaborating on a piece with Jill I was so struck with the quality of her work and passion for all that she creates!! I can’t wait to hang the ornaments that I have from her on my Christmas tree this year! I just love that they are beautifully handmade with huge amounts of love!! She is forever adding “extra’s,” as she calls them, into orders and sweetly shrugging off the awesome praise that her amazing customer service has garnered. She has generously given our Spice Grove Designs friends this AWESOME coupon to use until January 1, 2014! Take 10% off your order with thanks13 at checkout!  Here is Jill speaking from the heart about Winterdays!

Gnome Kaffi (coffee) Shop

Gnome Kaffi (coffee) Shop

Tell us a bit about yourself and your designs.

Hi, my name is Jill and my story about Winterdays; although my shop has only been open for 3 years, it actually started 19 years ago. I married a Viking whose family is from Iceland. When I visited Iceland for the first time I became instantly in love with the landscape and the history.

What makes your designs different from other designs?

The Runes and the symbols are unique and something that I wanted to learn more about. In my shop you will find wood items, engraved stones and painting of the Runes, symbols and Iceland.

What brings you joy/encouragement in your life and in creating your designs?

Every piece in my shop is made with thoughtfulness and passion. There are symbols that represent love, warrior, luck etc. So to have a engraved stone, piece of jewelry, or even Icelandic words cut out of wood is a special and unique find that represents something going on in your life or in others.

If you had to choose just one of your products as your favorite you’ve created/made, which one would it be?

One of my favorite items that I love in my shop is the bracelets that have a symbol engraved on it. It is a constant reminder of what I need to work on or what I have overcome.

Viking Rune Symbol of LUCK bracelet

Viking Rune Symbol of LUCK bracelet

What does a day in your studio look like?

My day in the studio starts with the music playing rather loud. Sometimes the music is slow or fast, but it is always loud. The studio starts off very organized but by the time I get done at the end of the day it represents a lot of creativity going on, so there is a lot to put away!

Where can our readers find you?

I would love for you to join Winterdays at Twitter, Facebook and of course my Etsy shop.
I appreciate Spice Grove Designs for the opportunity to share my story with you and for that I am blessed.

I would like to offer 10% off your order…enter code thanks13 for that discount…this coupon is good until Jan. 1, 2014.
Make sure you check out Jill’s other shop Saw It For You too to see more of her amazing hand crafted items for weddings, holidays and your home! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing designs and your heart with us!

Blessings to you friends, with lots of coffee,

*All opinions stated in this feature are mine. I was not compensated for this review.*

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